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We dispense vitamins, nutraceuticals and supplements from our office and our website in order to give our patients the best quality products.

Our patients have told us that they have no good mechanism to validate the quality of brands and products available to them on the web and in stores. 

The standardization of purity and potency among over-the-counter products is highly variable. Drug interactions and side effects are often under appreciated and toxicities are possible. It should be interesting to note that about 90% of the companies we reached out for verification never responded or refused to provide us with either a statement of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) or COA (Certificate of Analysis).  So this was a reminder to us that there is indeed a whole lot of poor products available on the market and patients don’t know this and then go out and buy a product that is of low quality or wrong dosage. 

Rather than have our patients “fend for themselves “, we have taken the approach to create our own brand of vitamins, nutraceuticals and supplements named “BodyFood. We also carry the best possible products available from manufacturers that we have screened for reliability and quality.  

Our brand, “BodyFood” and the products of the manufacturers we have chosen to carry for our patients, all provide third-party written guarantees that the product is made under the F.D.A.’s G.M.P conditions, as well as C.O.A., assuring that what is written on the label is what’s in the bottle.  We only provide vitamins, amino acids, minerals and supplements that meet these standards.  We have followed 5 basic rules:

  1. The formulations must be designed to be evidence-based and the dosage appropriate.
  2. The ingredient identity is always verified and authenticated using validated methods.
  3. The ingredient and finished product potency is always verified using validated methods.
  4. The product is free from biological and chemical contaminants and of the highest purity.
  5. The evidence of safety and efficacy for intended use is validated. 

Our goal is to have these therapies available and ready to provide for improved health in our patients and have consistent results.



Call us at (305) 332-7234 for information and we can process your order over the phone.

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